Your connection is everything...

Why not have a bridle as beautiful as your partnership with your horse?

Training horses is an art between two partners, carefully molded with gentle hands and a trusting friendship.

Your equipment is an integral part of the process and should not be over looked.

A well fitting bridle can improve your connection and your horse's performance.

When everything fits as it's supposed to, you and your partner can reach for your dreams.

The Art of Leatherwork

Leather & Hardware

Only the best hides and hardware are used in our work. Sourcing from American tanneries and manufacturers ensures the highest quality materials that will last years of heavy use. Leather than only gets better with age and hardware you can count on.


Each piece is carefully crafted in our workshop in Illinois. Every aspect of your bridle is made by hand, from the first cut of the leather to the final stitch. There is something special about using an item that was made just for you.

Design & Fit

The most important part of your new bridle is fit. With so many nerves running through your horse's face, the correct fit is crucial to a comfortable and happy partner. We will help you take the needed measurements for the perfect fit.

Gallery of Work

What can I make special for you?

New Lenox, IL



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